Thursday, February 28, 2008

Have you ever gotten ready to go out and felt great? You know? Like, there's f-in magic in the air tonight. I got my sickest party shirt on and tonight its on. You feel like a million bucks.

Like this clown.

And you go out and feel that feeling like you're gonna be talking like a champ. All because of your outfit or whatever you're wearing. And then you get to the party and found out that there were freakin blacklights at the party?


And like you're favorite shirt is covered in like years of goo?! Like you're just covered. And you look like the biggest slob?

Firstleeee, Years of Goo is a great name for a band.

Secondleeeeeeee, Who the hell still has blacklights at parties? Some forty five year old dude who gets weed for christmas from his parents????????

This just happened to me. Not the getting weed from my parents...the blacklight.


Have great days.