Tuesday, November 17, 2009

थे एंड ऑफ़ थे वर्ल्ड

It's over in 2012, right?

We're done.

The end of the world. How can I prepare myself for The White House falling from the sky? Or being hit by a ship?

Oh, imagine being hit by a ship? An enormous tanker moving so slowly. Oh that'd be a terrible fail.

"I got crushed by a building, how'd you die?"

"Oh, its funny actually...the White House fell on me. I was in Colorado."

"Wow! Crazy. I got hit by an oil tanker. On land."

"You slow fuck."

If you think people don't give a shit about you now, imagine how they will be during the end of the world.

"Excuse me, you're stomping on my kid...yeah just let him up, okay, now you're biting him..AAAAAHH, you're eating my son! You are eating my kin!"

Then Mt. Rushmore explodes in your face.

Get a Go Bag.

There is a meteor shower tonight. Early tomorrow morning actually.

here's a link to NATGEO.

ridiculously slow.

Did you notice that National Geographic link above? It says NatGeo. That's what we call National Geographic now? NatGeo. The world has already ended.

NatGeo? It doesn't work. It's too exxxtreme for National Geographic. Didn't they have credibility? They were able to show titties before most magazines. Because they were National Geographic. So when you approached a naked tribal woman you could say, with a hint of an english accent, "Excuse me, may I take your photo for National Geographic Magazine?"

And the tribeswoman, knowing that her life would be made better because of the reputation of such a class act, obliged.

But NatGeo skates by on their board and snaps a pic from their cell.

And we all just accept NesQuik??? Like nothing? No fight about this. They did this one overnight whilst we were asleep.

Nestle's Quick became NesQuik.

Drink NesQuik. Fuck you.

I still drink it. I love it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

माय फवोरिते विडियो!

THanks Emily for sending me this.

Remember these guys?