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इ दोन'टी लिखे स्टीप क्लुब्स

I'm straight. Really.
I love girls. I love naked girls. I love to have sex with girls.
I love breasts and all of that.

I don't like strip clubs.

The last time I was at a strip club I watched a fairly gross drunk girl take a nose dive off the stage in to a chair. I liked that.

but to me, hanging out with girls and paying them money so they pay you attention seems a little lame.

Not to mention you are surrounded by horned up dudes with hard-ons. Really. Its like some bizarre fully clothed orgy or TruBlood fest with just guys.

I always have that mentality with strippers like "I can take you away from all of this". Truth is, they most likely make more money than me and I can take them away from nothing. I should be like "take me away from all of this".

My father once bought me a 25 min lap dance for a birthday and it was rough. literally. Rough. I felt like my Dad paid a girl (hot) to wrestle me for a half hour and I couldn't use my hands. She won.

I'm not against stripping or strip clubs and will most likely still go (in hopes of watching liquored up naked girls take more faceplants) but to me its just not fun.

Eh...maybe I'm a nerd or too much of a wuss and I should just go in there with a wad of cash and celebrate life and pay for grinding.

Here are some of my favorite stripper pics:

I wrestled her. Him?

That's all

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