Monday, November 17, 2008

Lucky Man Survives Getting Run Over By Train.

Is he really that lucky?

Says the conductor tried to stop but by the time the coal train stopped 8 cars had passed over this guy. Wow. Lucky.

It also says it is unclear why he was lying on the tracks.


Why would this enigma lay down on train tracks?

"Yup. I was just my skirt..on this ground level massaging bench"

News is not news anymore.

"This just in...We have "just ins""

"And yes, I know about the left side of my face. I already know about it. And I know you are staring at it and you think its an injury. Like, maybe I boxed for a few years and got out after it went too far in the underground scene when I hit my face against a forklift in a roundabout."

"Oh what's a roundabout? Its a fight that usually takes place in a parking lot or a Department store right before closing time consisting of more than 5 men or women...more at 11."

He's the lucky one.