Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wisconsin Ends Sturgeon spearing season.

I didn't really know what a sturgeon was until I looked:

The sturgeon is on the left.
Crazy right? Huge.

Wiki Sturgeon

These things are impressive.

So Wisconsin ends the hunt after ONLY 528 of these things are bagged. Come on, is that it?

"Hey, can we talk for a sec?"

Also found out about this website that let's you write an obituary for a relationship that "died".

These guys broke up shortly after this pic was taken:

Sal and Sturgeon Fish: forever remembered...They're eyes locked on a cold winter morning while Sal was trolling the lucid lakes of Wisconsin. Sal knew immediately he needed to sink his hook in sturgeon's beautiful mouth...unfortunately moments of intimacy were constantly cut short due to the fact that sturgeon fish can't live on land....

so sad.

Happy V-Day Eve.