Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ah, yes.


Are you excited about the new Indiana?

What's new? What's crackin'?

Yesterday, I was waiting for friends to come out of a deli on the corner.

oh and it was 1973.

Whilst I was waiting, these two guys were walking up the sidewalk towards me. One of them was very fired up telling a story. He kept saying "that's right. That's right." He was pucnhing his fists. "That's right."

*These are not the guys

When the guys passed me the guy that was all fired up turned to me and said "that's right...deli ass cracker!"


I wasn't so much offended by the cracker thing as I was by thinking that I have a deli ass???

Deli ass Cracker???

Was this guy just free word associating and like ad-libbing using everything he sees?

"That's right. That's right...night time deposit box leaning ass cracker. Cigarette smoking, brown shoe lovin ass cracker. That's right. Original Members Only jacket ass wearing can't even see that Mexican ass girl walking towards you oblivious ass cracker!"

Performance art.

Did some research on deli ass. And deli-ass crackers.

Google image deli ass cracker and here is the first pic:

That's right.

Enjoy today.