Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's May.

Dinosaur dung sells at NYC auction for nearly $1,000.

That's it.

One thousand dollars?

"Now let's go buy some dinosaur shit!"

I'm not sure I can spend $1000 on a piece of crap.

How awesome would that dinosaur feel when when he found out that a piece of his poo was worth $1000 dollars? I was thinking that if an old business man came up to me and said "Boy, I'll give you $1000 dollars if you go to the bathroom and let me keep it."


Howie Mandel gave me advice about stand-up comedy once. I was doing a show in Boston and he came up to me after the show.

"Hey kid. Can I give you some advice?"

"Yes, please."

"Put a condom over your head and blow it up like a baloon with your nose."

Yeah that dinosaur must have been like looking down at he ground talking to himself/herself "Yup. someday that's gonna be worth a thousand dollars."

HA. Hilarious dinosaurs. (what?)

see you soon