Wednesday, April 22, 2009

अल वर्क एंड नो Sleep

Today I would like to write a letter to my cat Steve.

This is him:


Hey buddy, thanks for reading this. Last night, the most sleep I could have gotten was 3 hours and 20 mins. And you know I get up early. As soon as I began to fall asleep, you started with your "Helwo...helwo....helwooooo" over and over again. This prevented me from sleeping. And Steve, I am having a rough day.
I feed you and provide you shelter and I've clipped your nails! I can't even think of something I thought I'd never do. Clip a cat's nails??? Give cats pedicures? And I don't even like cats buddy. How to keep you quiet???

I've looked in to getting you a cat muzzle. And here is its (pic is real)

This is real buddy. Please respect me. Stop scratching at night, stop helwo-ing.


your dad (and master) (and owner)