Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I stayed up late LATE and had some beers last night, you know then I got to get up at like the taint of dawn. Waaah waaaah wwwwaaaaah!

"Taint of Dawn" = great name for a thrash metal band.

"Taint of Dawn"

or for a lighter group whose name sounds like Taints of's "Painted Fawn!"

You know what occurred to me today for the first time ever? That my name is Kenny. And so is Kenny Rogers. Kenny freakin' Rogers.

He looks like a Kenny. I just feel like all Kennys look so much like what a "Kenny" would look like. Let's research:

Kenny Chesney

Yeah. All Kenny. He's like "sup?" Dork.

Kenny Wayne Shepard (don't even know how i know this name)

Keeennnnny. All the way.

Kenny Loggins

Oh yeah, totally. Such a kenny. his face is all kenny.

Ken the Barbie doll

Whoa, easy now. He looks like more of a Troy here.



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