Tuesday, June 09, 2009

सुब्वय सुच्क्स!


What's up? Subway sandwiches are terrible. Are they made of plastic?

Last night I purchased a 6-inch tuna sandwich. And I was excited.

Here's what went down:

I got Tuna, red onions, lettuce, pickles, hot peppers and Chipotle southwest sauce.

That's sick, right? A great order. Oh and I got it on Italian bread.

These are not sandwiches.

They look so good though.

I ate it up quick, and 100% of the time I eat Subway my stomach turns inside out. GAH!

I cannot eat Subway anymore. I will have to switch to real sandwiches from now on.

I will never eat food whose theme is based on a transit system.

Picture of my stomach today:

Sorry Subway--our relationship is over....