Monday, November 13, 2006

Some current events, eh?

Teen Killed In Fast Food Spat?

Sounds more like a murder than a spat. I would hate to have my death be at the hand of a spat. I guess maybe I would settle for death in a scuffle. Better than "Teen dies while playing slaps", or "Teen killed dead at bad end of tif."

Interesting quote Shaun Robinson has at the end of the story he say's "He was cool,'' Shaun Robinson said. "He didn't deserve to get shot like that.'' Mr. Robinson saw him get shot? Imagine if he was like "Yeah, he was kind of a pain in the ass...especially when it came to fast food spats...he deserved to get shot"


Kevin Federline is trying to sell footage from cameras he installed in his car. "I actually got a surveillance system put in my truck, so I'm recording everything," "The paparazzi turn into a pack of wolves . . . I got some pretty funny video footage of them just tripping all over themselves like dominos."

Really, Kev? That would be great. I was just thinking this morning about how hard it is to find good video of photgraphers stumbling.

Chuck Norris Went to Iraq

So...we're okay. Great.