Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mid-holiday week. Great. Hope Christmas was nice for you.

Cloned food is okay to eat.

I've been trying to think of a feel good family story, you know, for the holidays. So here it is:

This is the story about a show. The Donkey Show.

No, sorry, that was stupid. Here it is:

In third grade, there was this kid named Pete Stump. A perfect name for this kid. He was the kid who wore brown every day. The same suit. Brown shirt, brown pants. He was obnoxious and had a voice that sounded like mix of Dale Earnhardt Jr, Pee Wee Herman, and a frog.

One day in class, Mrs. Leon was handing out the calendar for the cafeteria? Did your school do this? Every month you would get a calendar for the food served at lunch for the kid who were allergic or maybe those kids on free lunch could show their folks. Pete Stump was a free lunch kid.

So, Mrs. Leon passes out these calendars and the chalk board behind her read "Big Math Test Tomorrow". This was very important to Mrs.Leon. She told the class to settle down and asked "Tomorrow is a very big day, who can tell me what's happening tomorrow?"

Pete's arm flew straight up in the air. "ooh, ooh", he said anxiously.

"Go ahead Pete, what's tomorrow?" The words "Big Math Test Tomorrow" displayed directly on the board behind her.

Pete jumped up from his chair and planted his feet firmly to the floor. He pumped his chest out proudly and in his kind of twangy southern deviated septum voice proclaimed:


Ah ha ha ha ha! I peed myself. Nice brown suit, Pete. It helps to hide all the stains.