Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hi. I Keep seeing the commercial for Lunesta on the tele over and over again. Its the commercial for the sleeping pill that has the green butterfly as its mascot, I guess. If I was laying in my bed a night and a neon green butterfly landed on my chest, I wouldn't be able to sleep...for a long time.

I'd be terrified. "Oh my God! There's a fucking huge bug in here!" "And its glowing!" "Get the fuck off me!" I guess I'll just fall asleep peacefully. Terrible spokes..uh..butterfly for that prouct. You know what helps me sleep? Ticks. Hypercolor ticks. Aah. So relaxing.

Ridiculous. What ever happened to a nice cup of warm milk? Didn't that use to work? Try doing something during the day. Or counting sheep? Now, it takes a radioactive butterfly to help people calm down.

This guy. So tired. He needs ticks.

Also saw this commercial for a metal detector. A metal detector? The guy on the commercial is like, "my wife is really proud of the weight I lost, but she's really proud of this." Then he holds up this horrible looking old gold ring and the shot freezes. Terrible. It's like a Ring Pop.

And your wife is not proud of the weight you lost. Because you didn't lose any weight. You don't lose weight detecting metals in your own backyard. "Honey, look, another nickel". And even if you did lose weight and your wife was proud of you for a second, it's completely gone when she realizes you spent money on a metal detector. And now, you're spending time looking for shit you lost the last time you were in your backyard.

Is that a Chip's Ahoy?

Nice hobby.

Have a great day today!