Friday, May 04, 2007

Scented bowling balls????

I just found out these balls.

My father is a huuuge bowler. They have bowling balls with scents. Like crumb cake. Seriously.

My favorite bowler:

Mr. Johnny Petraglia.

He's in the Hall of Fame.

Anyway, there's always guys like:

Parker Bohn, III

Guy lives in an RV and travels on tour with his wife and family.


Walter Ray Williams. Look at how conditioned he is. Amazing shape. (he's actually really really lean now and bleaches his hair)

Bowling is a lot of fun. Join a league today!!!!!

Oooh, I just remembered, I was on my high school bowling team. Yeeesh.

He was on my team.

I can't knock it, though. We got to travel around to other towns and bowl for free??? And there were no rules about going to the snack bar. We could eat anytime we wanted. Amazing.