Thursday, May 08, 2008

Man finds check from 1971 after Tornadoes

The check was for 1.50 and it was already cashed. Sorry if I ruined that entire story for you. Did I?

Someone actually got assigned to go and report on this story.


"You there in the back, go report on this mysterious check a man found after his entire town was ripped to shreds. Go go! And take that fern with you!"


Where is this picture from? What kind of meeting is this? Notice how giant the foreheads are of the two ladies on the left. Huge. "Helen, please borrow Mindy's navy blue head wrap and cover your entire forehead. It's distracting the guy across from you in the turtleneck. (Who actually also has an enormous forehead)"


Also, ooh..there is someone hiding behind the door!! See? It's like a guy facing the wall.

Welp, glad I figured out the mystery behind the curious events of this random 1982 meeting of beverage loving giant-foreheaded people.

AAAAAHHHHH! What? That's very big

Christina Ricci is the next "REAL ALIEN".



Wait a second. My forehead is very big. Dah! And why would I ever choose to make that face?

"What's your name?"

Can you bone shave a forehead?