Thursday, June 26, 2008


Don't you think this Dyson guy is a little too confident about his "re-inventing" of the vacuum?

"It never loses suction."

Yeah, we know. We've seen the commercials where at first we think they are for a Lexus or maybe diamonds or fancy chocolate. But nope. Its for vacuums. And then he autographs the commercial and just waits for the girls to show up and suck his pants off with his own vacuum.

This guy is a serious inventor, though. He invented these things called "sea trucks" in his final year of school that provided platforms for vehicles to land on without land or jetties. Pretty amazing.

And then he went on and invented The Ballbarrow.

"Honey? Where's The Ballbarrow? Seriously? Is the Ballbarrow in the shed or what? I told you that this weekend I'm gonna need the Ballbarrow""

The Ballbarrow? Isn't that a sex move?

Funny how I've never invented anything and I'm shitting on the Ballbarrow.

But if this guy is such a great mind, and it seems like he is...

oh what's this? Is it a device that lowers blood pressure immediately when you stick your arm in to it? Can it de-arm a ticking time bomb? Will it help with law enforcement?

"No. It's a hand dryer."

Oh Dice. Thanks a bunch, buddy. We needed this. It is so much better than the old way:

Hand dryers.

Have a great day, enjoy.