Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rare Beached Melon-Head Whale Rescued

Rescued or ruined? Imagine this. You're a whale. You're name is Chase. That's a sick name for a whale. Chase. "Heeeey Chase." the ladies say. And within the whale community there is constant chatter about interacting with people on Earth. Dry Earth. It is like Hollywood. And the whales who have already met up with humans are now like celebrities in the whale world. And you are an overachiever. You came up with this crazy idea one day to to go make your big entrance on Playinda Beach, Florida. You're going to impress them with a real nice blowhole display. They will marvel at every inch of your 900-lb body. They have never seen or met anyone like you and you are going straight to the top. Their worlds will never be the same.


And then you arrive on land. The big moment. But they already know you. They know all about you and you find out that they know you as "Melon-Head"??????????

"Hey look everyone...on the beach...its a Melon-Head!" - Humans.

"Wait no, I'm not a Melon-Head. I'm Chase." - Chase the whale.

"Hey Melon-Head. We're here to rescue you."

"Rescue me? This is my entrance. This is my show."

"Get the sea mammal transfer hammock for Melon-Head here. We're going to take him to Panama City."

"Why? Why do I have to go to Panama City?"

"Damn, Melon-Head is like 900 lbs"

"That's exactly how much I weigh."

It's sad, but for some reason because he's named Chase I don't care.


I googled imaged the name "Chase" and look at these images.

So Chase.

deutsch bank.

The name of this picture is "Awesome". On the back it says "Best day ever - NYSSMA '93!"