Thursday, January 29, 2009


Man smears his lawyer's face with feces and then throws it at jury. Ha.

A San Diego judge has declared a mistrial in a kidnapping and assault case after the defendant smeared excrement on his lawyer's face and threw it at jurors. The judge boosted defendant Weusi McGowan's bail from $250,000 to $1 million after the Monday incident.

I ain't going out like that! Mistrial???? I'll say. That definitely shouldn't happen at court.

The most notable thing in this story is that the guy's name is Weusi. Weusi?!

I've never heard this name before. Just looked it up. It's Swahilian meaning blackness. I thought it was Swahilian for shit-thrower.

I would assume you would be held in contempt if you throw s**t at the jury. If I was a juror on that case I'd be pissed if that happened.

I'd immediately be like "Guilty! Guilty! Yeah, this guy definitely gets the chair. Case closed. We're leaving"

Jury doodie.