Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hello. What's going on today? Anything good? Is reading this site a complete waste of time?

I don't think so because.....

It's Fleshlight Day!

Do you know what the Fleshlight is? Well, if you don't you can click on that link...there's nothing dirty except like plastic women parts and such.

It looks like this:

Well scroll down..its not gross but its just wierd and I don't want it popping out right when you read this: ( I respect you)

That's it. I realize you didn't have to scroll much.

So, the Fleshlight is a tool that guys can use to simulate the feeling of being with a woman. And its discrete because it conveniently looks like a flashlight.

How discrete is that really?

"Man, Bill really loves that new flashlight of his...takes it everywhere."

"Why is that guy having sex with a light?"

I just feel like if you're making a transformer fake vagina, why make it turn in to a light?"

The afterglow.

What kind of guy do you have to be to purchase The Fleshlight? Oh, yeah, lonely.


Okay.. Have a warm day.