Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Man in Wheelchair Allegedly Steals Purse, Spits

That's right...spits. Not splits. Man robs then splits. Not the case here. He was in a wheelchair so he couldn't split.

He could split if he was in the wheelchair from the movie Silver Bullet. Have you seen this film?

The wheelchair was so awesome. (but I can't find a pic) Almost makes you want to lose your legs. Almost.

But now I am finding some of the sickest wheelchairs:

I feel like you're no longer handicapped if you have one of these.

Still handicapped. But, very relaxed.

Have you ever noticed how comfortable coffins look? They look so comfy.

Look at the pillow. fluffy.

That's gay.

this one I like.

Have a great day. Steve Tuesday.