Thursday, April 02, 2009

Prohibited Piercing

A Long Island Teenager Arrested For Illegal Body Piercing

I guess he was piercing underage kids.

They charged him with two counts of "prohibited piercing".

Can we just look at some people who really should've been arrested for prohibited piercing? (sick name for a band).

uh...warning. These pictures are disgusting:

I met her through

I think this guy was a substitue teacher at my high school

Holy shit. This next picture is incredibly disturbing to me:


Come on! I just threw up. Disgusting. What brain synapse has to fail in order for you to think you have to start looking like a cat?

Oh my god. I would punch this lady. Sorry. I'm just that scared. Imagine seeing this on the street. She's walking right toward you. You're about to pass each other and you start to see that she looks a real cat-beast man woman. GGAAAH! I can't. I'm sorry. I'm sorry you ever looked at that. We can never go back. You cannot erase that...Let me move down.

I don't think I want to keep looking at these pictures:

Damn. I'm not judging, but it looks so uncomfortable. Can you eat cereal and stuff?

Imagine you were on the couch sitting up watching TV and this guy was sitting next to you. Watching TV. Not moving. Just staring at the screen.

And then he would slowly turn his head and just stare at you.

Your heart would start to race. And the rattling of his face rings would send a chill down your spine. And you'd remember the time you got bit by your neighbor Sean's dog hard on the arm. You'd quickly think of the jingling of that dog's collar and think for a moment that the thing you are watching Mythbusters with is going to eat you alive. You'd scream.

And this happy guy, who to me kind of looks like Heath Ledger's Joker a little, would be so hurt that you didn't trust him because he has a lot of rings on his face. He eyes would tear up at the way your face couldn't hide the fact that you look at him like he is decaying right in front of you.

You'd feel bad.

And you'd bravely kiss him to stop his crying. That's scary shit.

I had an earring in 6th grade. I was chubby, wearing purple Z Cavaricci pants and a sweatshirt that said "Just Surfin'" written all over it.

Okay---- feels like there was just a little earthquake in NYC.