Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday! Great. There is an enormous amount of people who think that their cats are like dogs. Pretty much every cat owner you meet tells you about their dog-like cat. "Oh, Tabs is cool, she's just like a dog".
Oh, really? You know who else's cat acts like a dog? The past 7,000 cat owners I've met.

That made me sound so aggressive. Sorry, here:

Adorable Kitten Last Moments. Time Life Magazine.

It's funny when people end a story they are telling with "End of Story."

Okay, "so that was the end right?".

"Yeah, end of story".

"So I told her to shut up and get in the car, end of story".

"You must agree, that was a great end of the story. End of story.".

Or sometimes people say,"period".

"That's it! Period."

We don't have to do that ever. We can use inflection nowadays.

I can't tell if the little guy on the right is just in a weird perspective in the picture, or just really little.

I went to a library recently. It was a little one here by my apartment. They had a corner that was designated, "The Teen Action Zone". Wow. What goes on in the Teen Action Zone? I picture kids in braces making out. But, actually reading goes on in the Teen Action Zone.

I guess a library is one of the only places that can have a "Teen Action Zone". Some places you can't name The Teen Action Zone:

1. The backseat of your car.

2. Your computer.

3. Your mind. (and then point to it and say, you know what this?...It's the T.A.Z.)

I alway's get kind of weary when I drive through an area that has this sign posted:

I always grip the wheel really tight and lean in really close, like I'm expecting deaf children to dart out and hang on the car like a safari. I picture so many deaf kids that's its like the monkeys in the kitchen of the house in Jumanji.

Okay. Have a nice afternoon.