Monday, March 26, 2007

I saw Christina Friday night at Madison Square Garden.

She opened up with "Ain't No Other Man".

Except this guy.

No special guests at the show.

Everyone stood when she sang "Beautiful". Naturally.

The..uh...Pussycat dolls opened up for Chris.

2 of them can sing. 3 of them can dance. 1 of them can scare you with the faces she makes. None of them dissapointed.

I'm not all that into either of the musical acts. But, I was in a luxury box???!!! Ridiculous. No crowds. You just walk in take an elevator to your suite. It has a bathroom. Fully stocked bar. And then 5 minutes after I got there this woman walks in with a giant plate of burgers.


Highlight of the show = burgers.

I've completely wasted your time.