Monday, April 02, 2007


For those of you that check this on a regular basis, first off, thank you. And I get some messages, more now than ever asking "why the hell aren't you posting more stuff, are you just freakin lazy?!" Short answer, "Yes". Long answer, "Yes"

Hopefully soon, before June, which is that date of Charleston's Spoletto, this blaag can co-exist with a daily podcast of just "Current Event's w/Kenny". People in Charleston you may remember this bit before your radio's started to spew nothing but shit out of them.

How terrible is radio right now in Charleston?

It's this terrible.

I like some of it. I think Tom Bolt is passionate, and loves what he does, so that makes for a good show. But, "Free Sticks and and Douchehounds", or whatever the name of that show is, C'mon!.

So, anyway, please keep sending me messages of what you like and don't, I don't care either way.

Anyway June 4th is opening night for "Skinny White Comics"

I'm hosting! Should be sick. Last year, they sold out every single show to rave reviews!!!

The headliner is Tom Shillue from comedy Central. Very funny.

So get tickets for that soon. Well, they don't go on sale until next week or so. I'd hate for anyone to miss out. Plus, its at a great venue too. Physician's auditorium. Sweet. guess I'll get going......