Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Current Events, Yeah. (if you read on, sorry, today suuuucks)

But first, this:

Falkor. The luck Dragon.

Now, current events:

Keith Richard's snorted his father's ashes????

Wow. Rock n Roll. Huh? The real way.
He also trashes some new bands in this interview, like Artic Monkeys, Libertines...

Why do older people feel they need to shit on the youth? Jealousy? Last night I went to Carnegie to watch three "all-state" high school orchestras perform. Sick.

You're like, "Wait. You went? How the hell did you get tickets?! What the hell? Call me next time. You know how much I love John Philip Sousa!"


These kids were young, on the Carnegie Hall stage, and amazing. They were totally unaware of just how good they sound, and how moving it was. Whatever. Sorry. I'm just saying, youth is by far, one of the greatest strengths we have as a race. Human race, not Aryan.

Old people give young people shit non-stop. We are supposed to be better. Or else we would all die. right?

You can't be making significant progress in the world if this is the phone you need.

Doctors. Everyone trusts an old doctor. I don't.
Think of all the shit young students have to learn nowadays.
You can go to this young up-to-date well versed on all advancements and procedures doctor, or you can go to a guy who wants to let your cold "bleed".

This movie was all wrong. J. Fox would have been a much better doctor than the old man. Remember that scene where Doc wanted to operate on a kid, but the old school guy gave him a coke and the kid burped and surgery was avoided?

Yeah...Would've never happened. Ever. J. Fox would've known if the kid needed a coke or not.

Anyway, Keith Richards snorted his cremated father's ashes???!!!

That's just schtupid. That's soooo rock N' Roll. What would be next?
Would like G.G.Allin grind up his pops into a powder then rub it on his geni's on stage? (geni is in no way a reference to the late Richard Jeni, it's the proper way to say, "balls")

This is silly. More news....

Keeping it OLD.

Fired Worker Takes Hostages at Nursing Home.

Not much here. This guy was pissed he lost his job, so he forced eveyrone to let him work one more day. Now he's in prison.


A woman was charged with a DUI while riding on a horse drunk.


This was terrible. Lo siento.

Okay. later.