Wednesday, May 06, 2009

फस Transplant


My friend MC Aaron has ranked his favorite nuts and I'm now doing the same today:

1. Peanut (hands down..unsalted)


2. Cashew (amazing yet pricey)

3. Almond (almond milk = delicious and its no dairy--delicious)

4. Walnut

(I'm too tired to put up more pics of nuts)

5. Pecan

6. Hazlenut

7. Chestnut (The nuts are an important food crop in southern Europe, southwestern and eastern Asia, and also in eastern North America before the chestnut blight.In southern Europe in the Middle Ages, whole forest-dwelling communities which had scarce access to wheat flour relied on chestnuts as their main source of carbohydrates)

okaaay ---

I don't eat any other nuts.

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have a good day.